Conflict Resolution

Conflict impacting the quality of your team’s performance and morale? Let us deal with addressing conflict and relationship tensions that disrupt your team, so you can get back to focusing on doing great work!

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Relationship Transformation and Mediation

Are you experiencing conflict within your organization that is causing tension, decreased productivity, high turnover, or low-morale? Our Conflict and Relationship Transformation Coaching Programs are designed to not only repair conflict, but to transform relationships from a state of tension to high-functioning and satisfying working relationships.
Here are just a few benefits of Conflict and Relationship Transformation Coaching:
Reconciled tension for future-focused problem solving
Improved communication and collaboration
Enhanced ability to handle conflicts and difficult conversations effectively
Increased productivity and efficiency
Improved work relationships and a more positive work environment
Reduced turnover and improved retention
Cost savings compared to other methods of dispute resolution
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A Relationship Transformation Coach works with individuals and teams to improve communication and transform conflicts in the workplace. This can take many forms, including one-on-one coaching sessions to help individuals communicate effectively and address any past challenges. Group coaching sessions are encouraged to identify mutually agreeable solutions for positive and healthy collaboration that enhances performance.

The goal of Relationship Transformation Coaching is to help you and your team communicate clearly and effectively, and identify pathways forward that support your individual and collective success.
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Conflict is challenging to navigate alone. Is it time to seek support?

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Team Alignment and Transformation

Are you looking to improve the performance and productivity of your team? Team Alignment and Transformation might be a perfect fit to help align your team for strengthened relationships and enhanced performance.
What is Team Alignment and Transformation?
Team Alignment and Transformation is a process of working with teams to address communication challenges, conflicts, and role confusions to help the team perform and maximize its impact. It often involves assessing a team's strengths and areas for improvement and developing and implementing strategies to address issues and conflicts that are undermining team success.
Why might you need Team Alignment and Transformation?
Team Alignment and Transformation might be a good fit for your team if you are experiencing any of the following:
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Intensified change
Communication and collaboration challenges
Productivity and efficiency issues
An escalated team event causing tension
A looming organization or industry disruption
Confusion on purpose, vision, or roles and responsibilities
Increased stress and burnout
High team turnover
Low team morale or relationship dysfunctions
OR a desire to prevent conflict, improve performance, and enhance relationships / team culture
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Partnering with a Performance and Conduct Coach is a structured, yet highly customized process that typically involve three stages:
  1. 1. Assessment: Identify the team needs, issues, skill gaps, strengths, and areas for improvement. This includes gathering data through surveys, interviews, and observations, and analyzing the results to identify key themes and areas for focus.
  2. 2. Intervention: Develop and implement a strategy plan to address the key themes from the Assessment. This may include team training workshops, conflict resolution, individual coaching, and action planning sessions to help your team set and achieve specific goals.
  3. 3. Evaluation: Assess where the team started compared to where the team is after the implemented interventions and create an accountability plan for the team moving forward.

Ready to strengthen your team’s relationships and enhance their performance through Team Alignment and Transformation?

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