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Wanting to engage, retain, and supercharge your team? Consider team training as a way to show your employees you care about their growth and enhance their performance capacity.

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Team Training

Effective communication is essential for teams to function effectively and achieve their goals. Without good communication, teams can struggle with a variety of issues, including misunderstandings, conflict, and a lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities.

Communication and Conflict Resolution skills training can help teams develop the skills they need to communicate effectively and not just avoid unnecessary challenges, but transform conflict into an opportunity to strengthen relationships and enhance performance.
Some specific benefits of communication skills training for teams include:
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Improved productivity and efficiency: Teams that communicate effectively are more able to meet their deadlines and produce high quality products and services.
Positive collaboration and teamwork: Effective communication increases the quality and effectiveness of working relationships.
Increased employee retention and internal promotion: Investing in your employees is key to employee retention and increasing opportunities for internal advancement.
Increased job satisfaction: Teams with strong communication skills are likely to experience greater job satisfaction and improved morale.
Enhanced problem-solving and decision-making: Effective communication is key to effective problem-solving and decision-making.
More effective leaders and supervisors: Supervisors are key culture influencers. Ensuring they have the skills to lead their teams is essential for any high functioning organization.

Conflict is challenging to navigate alone. Is it time to seek support?

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Our Organizational Training Topics are completely customizable. Commonly requested trainings are below:

Communication Skills Training

Communication skills are essential for effective workplace collaboration and performance. In our Communication Skills Training, we turn your team’s tendencies from being reactive and assumptive in their communication to intentional, clear, curious, and effective communicators.

Our customized Communication Skills Training may include any or more of the following essential skills:
Active Listening
Interest-based communication
Communication styles
Assertiveness skills
Being intentional, rather than reactive

Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations

Every team is going to encounter challenges, relationship tension, and competing priorities, which can drastically undermine your team’s performance and morale. But it doesn’t have to. In fact, with the essential skills of our Difficult Conversations Training, your team will be able to use disagreements and conflicts as an opportunity for growth and success.

Our customized Conflict Resolution Skills Training may include any or more of the following essential skills:
Moving from avoidance or dominance to confident, caring assertion
Structure for having difficult conversation
Mediation and coaching skills for supervisors
Emotional intelligence development
Being tough on problems and caring for people

De-Escalation Skills

Are you a team or organization that engages in high stakes situations with escalated clients or stakeholders? Your team is a prime candidate for de-escalation skills. Employees who experience heightened escalation on a regular basis are more likely to get burnt out, seek alternative employment opportunities, and be less engaged in their work.

Investing in de-escalation skills training customized for you and your team is a must. Our trainings commonly include:
Prioritizing team safety
Self-regulation techniques
Active listening to addressing the root of escalation
Ensuring compliance without further escalation
Analysis of policies and procedures

Giving and Receiving Feedback

How does your team give each other feedback? How do they receive feedback? Both elements (giving and receiving) are essential skills for team members to feel confident in doing well. Otherwise, unnecessary conflict develops (poor feedback conversations) or issues are addressed and resolved (no feedback conversations).

Some elements of our customized Feedback Trainings include:
Skills for not taking things personally
Skills to minimize defensiveness
Skills for addressing behavior without alienation of the relationship
Ensuring durability of agreements
Implementation for supervisors and leaders

Workplace Resilience

Do you work in an industry, organization, or job function that is stressful? Stressful environments or jobs can easily produce unnecessary conflicts, low morale, and increased turnover.

Give your team the skills to navigate and be resilient in the face of these stressors with customized Workplace Resilience Training, which may include:
Emotional intelligence development
Tapping into your individual power
Supporting your team members
Individual and team stress restoration dialogue

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